Benefits of drinking milk after exercise

Canadian researchers said that drinking two glasses of milk after exercise helps to burn more fat and increase muscle mass.

Researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, studied 4 males, ages 4-5, over a two-week period.

They were offered five days a week of weight lifting. The study participants were divided into three groups:

The first group) consumed two glasses of low fat milk after exercise.

Group 2) After exercise, they consumed soy drinks (with the same amount of protein and energy in milk).

Group 3) After exercise, they consumed carbohydrate drinks.
After 5 weeks, it was found that those who drank milk lost about one kilogram of fat and those who consumed carbohydrates lost half a kilogram of fat. However, those who ate soy drinks did not lose fat.

However, the group that consumed milk, compared with those who consumed soy, added 1 percent or 5 grams of muscle mass. In addition to those who consumed milk, they found 1 percent or 5 grams of muscle mass more than carbohydrate drinkers.

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